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Professional Tyre and Rubber Solutions

C&N Ruggiero are an Australian company founded in 1967, providing solutions to both private and commercial customers, in the disposal and recycling of tyres, rubber, machinery and other related waste products. The company has grown from a small business into quite a diverse operation, achieving many efficiencies and advancements in the recycle of rubber products; significantly reducing the amount of waste dumped into landfills each year. As an innovative company, C&N Ruggiero build and design their own machinery for the best results, allowing unique capabilities in disposing of any rubber product: big or small.


Mission Statement

C&N Ruggiero's objective is to reduce the amount of landfill that goes into the earth each year, as well as increasing the amount of rubber recycling which takes place, to create useful rubber products for industry.


‘At the present time our company represents 45% of the market, shredding upward of 1000 tonnes of material per quarter in Victoria!’


People Profile

C&N Ruggiero have worked hand-in-hand with the Environmental Protection Agency, in cleaning up and disposing of waste arising from the illegal dumping of tyres, which has become quite common in recent times. The company also shreds tyres for many leading companies: including Bridgestone, Beaurepaires, Bob Jane, Qantas, Encore Tyrecycle, Tyreaway, Tyrelug, SP Treads, Motorway, Tyre Solutions and Bearcat; to name a few.



C&N Ruggiero is a family-owned and operated business, with professional staff adept at handling a range of jobs in an enthusiastic and proactive manner. Behind the scenes, a team of qualified engineers are responsible for the creation and operation of specialised machinery: offering technical expertise in the shredding and disposal of rubber products.


C&N Ruggiero

Business Areas include:



Environmental Commitment

C&N Ruggiero are committed to environmentally friendly practices, aimed at the preservation of the environment for our future.


Research & Development

As an innovative company, C&N Ruggiero continually work on their product and service offering, improving tyre shredding and recycling methods, as well as incorporating larger and more technologically advanced machinery.



C&N Ruggiero is located in Footscray, Victoria, 15km west of the city centre. The C&N Ruggiero premises include a manufacturing facility, alongside its rubber disposal and recycling operations. C&N Ruggiero have many specialised machines at their disposal, as well as low loaders, semi trailers and forklifts.


C&N Ruggiero for tyre shredding, rubber disposal, rubber recycling, waste removal, second hand machinery sales, disposal or relocation and rubber matting: 03 9314 8833 or Submit an online form today.